Foundation Day Event

Foundation Day Event

4 months ago

The event of the Saudi founding day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Event date February 22, 2022 AD

The founding day, which recently joined the list of Saudi national days, is a national occasion of a character

A celebration that evokes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The journey of three centuries ago, and the events and situations that it bears, immortalized in the history and biographical books

In remembrance of that historic occasion

The medical centers of Meraas Arabia Medical Holding Company in all its branches witnessed celebrations

On the founding day, by presenting many events and offers on all cosmetic and medical services General and specialized in dentistry, dermatology and laser, which it provides in all branches To add unique touches that make the first anniversary of the Saudi Foundation Day celebration an unforgettable day To all visitors, auditors and employees of Meraas Arab Medical Holding Company centers in all Its branches spread in the city of Riyadh